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eCommerce Demands Better Risk Management

Our Fraud Prevention and Risk Management Platform recognizes ecommerce entities (users, affiliates, merchants) through our patent-pending Electronic DNA (eDNA™) technology and builds their payment reputation based on their behavior and risk profile. It combines eDNA™ with a feature-rich platform that seamlessly integrates third-party risk data and technology, rule decision engine, real-time alerting, and all necessary workflow tools.

AML Compliance for Bitcoin and other Virtual Currencies

It's been almost a year since FinCEN defined Virtual Currency Administrators and Exchangers as Money Services Businesses. As popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies has increased over the past year, so has government attention.

  1. Register with FinCEN if you are an Administrator or Exchanger
  2. Know What Federal and State Regulations are Applicable to you
  3. Follow AML Regulations
  4. Know Your Customer
  5. Keep Records (Transaction Monitoring)

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eCommerce Fraud Prevention Platform for payment transactions and user account activities. It issues a recommendation in real-time for accepting, rejecting or manual reviewing a payment transaction or an account activity detecting fraud and account takeovers.
IdentityMind implements a three-step automated process that starts out with Identity and payment reputation evaluation, followed by a decision rule engine detecting risky activity and connecting with third party data and technology providers for eliminating false positives.



Real time risk assessment of merchant accounts from underwriting to operations. It evaluates merchant account applications during the on boarding and underwriting process.
Our Merchant Risk solution assesses the risk based on a combination of proprietary and third party security tests including KYC, account origination, reputation, and others. It then monitors payment transactions and applies statistical and behavioral algorithms to alert when merchant accounts are falling off compliance from the risk perspective.



Monitor transactions and apply heuristics and analytics for detecting suspicious activities associated with Money Laundering. It evaluates the transfer of funds to detect placement, structuring and layering. Our AML solution helps Money Service Businesses (MSB’s) including Money Transmitters and Bitcoin Exchanges by issuing alerts based on suspicious activity related to the movement of funds. AML alerts enable institutions to perform in-depth analysis of their customers including assisting in the determination of beneficial ownership.



IdentityMind at MAC 2014

We are looking forward to be part of this premier payments industry risk conference hosted by the Merchant Acquirer's Committee (MAC). The MAC 2014 Annual Conference will offer us a great opportunity to exchange ideas with many industry experts about the future of fraud and risk trends, and connect with the most influential and exclusive group of payment risk professionals.



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